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We are a motion design studio

By combining the imagination of a child with our complex process, we design and build content that will take your brand to the next level.


We provide all the services you will need to build an animated video from scratch. We will guide you from start to finish and make sure you are super happy with the end result!



2D Animation

This is where we pick your brain to ensure we understand your goals for your project. Mood board, pencil sketches, storyboard, script writing - We provide it all to make sure we are on the same page before we bring your vision to life.

Our illustrators are skilled in a wide variety of styles and will make your project stand out from the crowd. We design visuals that will fit your brand like a glove and take it to the next level.

We make buttery smooth 2D animation that will catch the eye of your target audience. Whether you need, shapes, lines, or characters - We got your back!

3D Animation

Sound Design

3D animation can be complicated, but our talented team is ready to blow your mind. We provide all the services to make your 3D dreams come true - Modeling, lighting, animation, simulations, and rendering.

Sound design is the cherry on top. Sound effects and music will make your animation come to life. Our voice over artists would be thrilled to tell your unique story.


Telkom Cover.png

Telkom NWC

Cape Town 2023

Fun, comic book style animation for the Netball World Cup TV campaign

WIP V5-01-01.png


Eco-friendly Campaign

Our giant, lumberjack character is a proud supporter of eco-friendly dental hygiene products 


FLAGS Software

Explainer Video

We had a blast exploring the complexity of modern manufacturing in this explainer video

Lollos-Intro-v1 (0-00-20-16).png

Lollos & Lettie

Social Media Intro

These children's entertainment mascots are entering the social media, fantasy world

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Penguin Books

Let's Read - Campaign

Our clumsy penguins are motivating children to read books

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